Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every learner with the knowledge of where they will find, meaning and purpose, in their education and career journey.

Our Story:
Predictive Science to
Improve Student Success

jobZology has revolutionized education, career and employment decision-making by empowering everyone to live with purpose and joy in the world of work. The PathwayU education platform has impacted lives of learners in more than one hundred and fifty education and workforce institutions across the country.

Created by Dr. Kurt Kraiger, Dr. Bryan Dik, Travis Hevelone CEO and Eric Leftwich CRO, jobZology has led the charge in advancing ways for learners to make their best decision about their future in the world of work and efficiently map the best education pathway to arrive at a destination. jobZology is a National Science Foundation award winner and holds a patent on the processes and predictive measures.

Meet the Team Behind PathwayU

Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D.

Principal Psychologist

Bryan Dik, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Travis Hevelone

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Leftwich

Chief Revenue Officer

Together, We Can Do Great Things.
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