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You have kids of all ages. You want the best for them but how do you give them the guidance they need?

Provide them with the only career planning online tool they need. A self-paced easy-to-use guide to self-discovery for any stage of life.


Find a Major You Love

Undecided on a major? You know what you enjoy doing but how do you connect that to an education or career path?

Get guidance on finding a major that fits your interests and values to connect you to a job you love.


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You want a job that fills you with joy and purpose but where do you start when you feel stuck?

Get connected to real opportunities with career match job fit.

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Our college and degree software is designed to be a self-paced easy-to-use guide for self- discovery, exploration and connection with training, education and employment. Start today with career planning online!

"I just purchased PathwayU but I need help understanding how to use it"

Our PathwayU 101 videos will walk you through how to use the platform, how to interpret your results, the different tools you can use, and other important information

Previously only offered through educational institutions, now available for individual purchase!

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  • Online Career Planning Tools and Guidebooks
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Ian, Senior
Colorado State University​
“If you’re anything like me and didn’t know what you wanted to do in college and are struggling on where to go, PathwayU was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend PathwayU for anyone who is confused about where they want to go or just wants to discover more about themselves and what they would be good at.” ​​
Job Seeker
“It really did nail my strengths. The career path is exactly what i would have picked for myself. I think since I am older and have so much work experience it was very easy for me to pick what I like and don’t like, which in turn helped with my career path.“
Michelle, Associate Dean Western Kentucky University​
“PathwayU was really something unique and special to a large number of deans…given what’s going on with higher education and the public scrutiny on how much it costs and what are people getting out of. I think it makes sense to invest in tools like PathwayU that help to ensure students are on the right track.”
Holly, 3rd Year Business Student
"PathwayU shows your unique fit score to jobs. This is helpful if you don’t know what type of work you want to do [with a business degree]. After taking the assessments you can see your overall [scores] and narrow down your focus to things like retail, accounting and management. It is an awesome website for college students use for searching for what’s next and see where they belong!”
Student, Junior
University of Hawai Mānoa
“PathwayU surprised me because I did not expect such accurate results. I feel that the platform was very accurate and surprised me because it gave me suggestions that I would not have considered; yet they fit me very well. I enjoyed taking these assessments and viewing the results.”
Student, Freshman
Ashland University
"PathwayU has influenced the way I think about my education and career because I learned that I enjoy hands on activities and I like to be helping others. From what I learned I found a job that would work best with what I enjoy. I just had to pick a major that would match with what my career would be.”

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